Sunday, November 11, 2007

Flashback Sunday: our London studio apartment

Ok, I have a feeling over the next year, we will have a bunch of flashback Sundays dealing with our days living in London. London was a perfect time for us. But, I just came across some of these pictures and decided to put them up today.

We lived in the Bankside House which was located in a fabulous part of London...Southbank. We lived on the south side of the Thames River, in the artsy area of London. Now, it was not action packed like where our friends Brad and Raina lived--Leicester Square (they had a fabulous less than one bedroom place there), but it was a great location. We lived right behind Tate Modern and kittycorner from the Globe, across the Thames from St. Paul's Cathedral.

Out of our windows, we had this view. These are pictures that we took out our windows. Out of our side window, we could check out Blackfriars Bridge as well as the London Eye. Out of our other window was Tate Modern, the Thames River and St. Pauls. Each window had great views...Brodi would often sit on the window sill and do her homework and just look out over the city. This could not have been comfortable...about a 6" window sill and Brodi would sit there all evening studying and just looking out at the city.

Our room consisted of two desks, two single beds (extremely romantic!) and a very comfy little bathroom. We had a nice little 13 inch television (which according to London law, you have to pay a $50-70 tax to use it...we just imagined that if we didn't pay the tax, some London police would bust down our door and give us a citation, so being the good citizens/foreigners we were, we payed it) and a mini fridge which would hold, for the most part, Diet Coke and yogurt. No kitchen. We had a fun community kitchen though which was shared with half of the 7th floor residents, all cultures--let me tell you, an aroma of indian food, chinese food, italian food and alcohol is not a good combo but that was the smell for 90% of our evenings.

This little apartment was a short 15 minute walk to the London School of Economics. Though a bus did service our apartment complex, we walked almost every single day (usuall 2-3 times a day). And you know London, we walked in rain and cold for many of those days. But that was back in our tough days. Now, we would probably just get a taxi every day. As a sidenote, our apartment was subsidized by the school and this 100 square foot apartment still cost us well over $800 a month.

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