Thursday, November 8, 2007

A classic Carter conversation

First off, we know that we are slackers. It has been a long couple of weeks since we last posted and we know that we have been missed. And yes, I am aware, that probably none of you missed us but it makes us feel better to act like your blog reading world revolves around us. We are back.

This evening, Brodi and I got into a spirited discussion about something. We were not arguing, but we were talking loudly. All of a sudden, from the backseat, Carter yells at us: "Mommy, don't yell at daddy." Brodi responded that she was not yelling at daddy, to which Carter replied back, "Mommy, don't yell at Daddy." Brodi replied again that she was not but that he should tell daddy to not yell at mommy. Carter quickly replied "Daddy is not yelling at mommy." We got a good laugh at it all. I then decided to apologize to Brodi (though I obviously had nothing to apologize for :) and Brodi thanked me for the apology but said nothing else. After about 5 seconds, Carter spoke up and said "Mommy, you need to apologize to daddy." That got us laughing again. So, let the record show, Sam was just an innocent victim and Brodi was the aggressor! I will have to remind Brodi of this often to show her that I am a sweet, sweet man and that I was being picked on by her.

You gotta love kids and Brodi and I will keep our conversations quieter.


Chelsea said...

Ahahaha! Well, first of all, we did miss you guys. Second, that is hilarious. Poor Dad. Always the underdog, never in trouble, always taken advantage of... It's a tough life. :)

Spencer Five said...

That is awesome. What is it with sons taking their fathers side? Whatever!

samandbrodi said...

I will say it once again...I am just a kind, kind man and it is nice to have my boys to defend me!