Friday, January 6, 2012

Tab me Up!

Ok, I will admit it...I love Tab. Yes, I talk about it quite a bit on my blog. But I could drink this drink just about at anytime and anywhere. The other day, I was looking around on Ebay and you won't guess what I found (actually, you could probably guess based on the picture to the right) but I found Tab glasses. Not just any Tab glasses, but original hourglass figure Tab glasses. From 30+ years ago. In its original boxing and never used. So, at night, I can sit on my couch in style with Tab cola and Tab glasses. You are welcome to come over anytime and help yourself.


Anne Petty said...

THose are awesome! Love e-bay!

Chelsea said...


samandbrodi said...

Anne - totally rocks.

Chelsea - yep, next time you guys are in town, Tab party!