Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Tuesday

A couple of random things: On Sundays at church, I get to help out in the nursery with all of the little kids. As a result, I get to play with the Legos. This is what I built. I wanted to take it all the way to the ceiling, but the little troublemakers busted it up. I do have to say - my Lego building skills are nearly as good as Carter's skills.

Brodi and I went out to a restaurant and this was the ridiculous scene I came upon in the restroom. Seriously? The handles on the sink were less than an inch big. I need to have hands like a 5-year old to be able to turn on the water. I get style. This wasn't it.

Fall has arrived. I guess it means that I can no longer walk shirtless around the neighborhood. It also means some cold Saturday morning soccer games. Time just seems to go too fast sometimes.

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