Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time to honor the Gun

It is good to know that our legislature is hard at work. We all know that we have a State flower (no idea what it is), a State bird (seagull?) and other State things. Well, it is our lucky day because it appears that there is going to be a proposal to have a State gun. Yes, a State gun. How big of a trendsetter is the state of Utah? It appears that no other state has a State gun. Yay for us. Rep. Carl Wimmer has decided that he has nothing better to do than to propose a State gun and he has selected the Browning 1911 model (after Utah resident John Moses Browning who invented it). In a few years, I will be excited to also find out what our new State Cross-Bow is going to be.



Michael said...

I can only imagine the time that will be wasted debating this. They won't be debating whether to do it or not, they'll end up debating which of Browning's guns it should be.

Brodi Ashton said...

That's just embarrassing.

nielsons*love*family said...

hey, my son already invented the state cross bow--time to move on to the gun...oh wait!!!

Robin Weeks said...

It's the Sego Lilly. :) Go Utah, land of my birth.

Sam said...

Michael - yeah, good point. Too bad it won't be televised because that would be great tv.

Bro - WORD!

Dorien - send him over to teach me how to use this dang cross bow. I keep it under my bed at night for protection.

Robin - Thanks for coming over from Bro's blog. And thanks for the Sego Lilly shout out. I am now well versed in all things Utah.