Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frakkin' Apples. Frakkin' Leaves.

I have a true love/hate relationship with the trees in our front yard. During the Spring and Summer, the trees are marvelous. It is literally 15 degrees cooler under our trees...neighbors come and hang out, nice shade, good times. Then late Fall hits and the trees decided to make our lives miserable. First off, they hold onto their leaves as long as they can (mid November, about 30% of the leaves have fallen), then when the first snowstorm comes, the trees laugh in our faces and start shedding their leaves like their lives depend on it (I don't know if any of that made much sense). I will be picking up leaves and apples until sometime in January.

The pictures of the kids above was from yesterday. Notice the shorts the boys were wearing (yeah, rather warm). The pictures here with the snow are from this morning...we got 8 inches of snow. Late this morning, the wind picked up and the leaves and apples came tumbling down. We now have enough applesauce to feed a homeless shelter.


Laura said...

LOL!! Maybe I will rethink planting some this spring!!

6deans said...

Our kids love applesauce. I have to admit when I see your trees from our backyard I think why the heck don't those leaves fall...I guess they just want you to be cold when you clean them up. At least you got your Christmas lights up before the storm...we didn't so now Mike is going to be freezing putting them up.