Sunday, January 25, 2009

Only three easy payments of $29.95 if you order in the next 20 minutes

I have a love hate relationship with those stinkin' infomercials. They are all completely ridiculous but the minute they come on to the television, I become like a freakin' zombie. I sit back and I just watch and watch. With that said, we don't buy anything. Except for once. Yes, I bought something off of an infomercial. How bad is that? I bought the Miracle Blade Knives. And fwiw, we are still using those knives and they are still sharp and terrific. Now, I just have to figure out which of these following products are too good to pass up.

This looks soooo comfortable. When they came up with the name for this product, I imagine 5 guys sitting around in a boardroom, smoking cigars and trying to decide what to call it. 'So, how about Tiddy Bear?' Laughs all around. 'No way, that would never fly, well, wait, yeah, lets go for it.' Now, I have very little to add to this that won't get me in trouble. Meet the Tiddy Bear.

Yes, you too can own a commerative plate of Obama being named president. You can sit around a table with your all white friends and have a toast to this commerative plate. I love the kids around the coffee table staring at the Obama plate. You know that President Obama probably thinks its creepy as well. The saddest thing about it? They limit it to only 2 orders per caller. WHAAATTTTTT? I can't order 20 of those frakkin' awesome plates?

I have shown this video in the past...but the Hawaiin chair is about as good as it gets. I love them at the office using this chair like it is all totally normal. Nothing says professional in an office environment than doing the hula in a chair. "Yes, Steve, wait, let me turn up my Hawaiin chair to the fasting moving position...ok, that feels good, my abs are totally feeling it. Anyway, the reason that I brought you into my office is, well, you are fired. Thanks for working for us. Wow, Steve, my abs are really getting a great workout. Anyway, have your desk cleaned out by noon."

Who wouldn't buy this? You listen to this guy and I am ready to buy whatever this guy sells. He brings the energy, the smooth-ness and the 'you are an idiot if you don't buy this' attitude. Fabulous.

These are just some of the classics. I will have to post another day on some of the infomercials on ab workouts and other fitness ones. Just remember, if you wake up at 2am, there is most likely several fabulous infomercials on the tube. Sit back, enjoy and have your credit card ready.


lily said...

i totally remember seeing the "hawaii chair" on t.v. it was so funny.

nielsons*love*family said...

um sam, can i send my two little girls to watch infomercials w/you? they sit and write down ALL the phone numbers and all the product descriptions of the "really good" ones...which in their minds is ALL of them!
p.s. eliza now owns the "pancake puff" maker and "magic bullet" (the power of the infomercial) LOL!

Shellie said...

Here's some things I currently want from Infomercials

1. Snuggie

2. Mini Slider Press

3. Wowie Sham

4. Ronco Food Dehydrator.

5. Wilson Cake Decorating Kit.